I think that we should switch back to 100% Diesel fuel. The reason I think we should do this is because in the winter we have to keep bio-diesel above a certain temperature which uses even more fuel and raises the price even more. Also the manufacturers have to ship the fuel to different places which uses even more fuel and makes the price rise even more.

The farmers that plant and harvest the soybeans/corn to make the ethanol use even more ethanol to power their machines. We are also taking food away fro starving people all around the world just to power our vehicles while they are starving to death. The space used to grow these crops could be put to better use growing food for the starving people or the people who just barely have enough money to buy food.

You may think that bio-diesel is saving the environment but in truth it is actually destroying it . The amount of fuel used to harvest, manufacture, ship, and heat the fuel burns more harmful toxins than plain diesel would. So I ask you, would you rather save someones life or pay a little less for fuel to power your car.

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